Dreams, babe, are made of emotion
Shadows and dark deep devotion
Stay here, my heart is on fire
Oh, I'm born again
My heart is in your hands
My heart is burning, turning
Over and over, my friend

Are you man enough ?
But baby are you really tough ?
To take my heart away, my love
Don't look back, here I am
Just for you
Are you man enough ?
But baby are you really tough ?
If you light the flame of love
On the wings of my love we'll fly

Love me like there's no tomorrow
Give up the fears and the sorrows
Passion of love stays forever
Didn't I tell you ?
That I need you so
My heart is burning, turning 
Over and over again

Keep the fire burning in your soul
Oh, my heart is losing it's control
What I got is what you need tonight


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