Happy birthday, Caroline!

Happy birthday, Caroline!

CCCATCH had admired listeners among the Parisian suburb dwellers, workers and civil servants of the USSR, the regulars of German pubs, teenagers from Italy, Spain and other countries. Her voice broke the dancefloors and destroyed the charts.

Caroline Müller, who was labelled CC Catch by Dieter Bohlen released her debut single "I Can Lose My Heart Tonight" on her birthday, July 31, 1985. While the birthday was that of the singer, it was the listeners who got the present. This uncomplicated song immediatedly stormed to the top of the charts, you could hear this song on every corner. What a rare mix of a catchy medody and professional singing performance! At the same time Carolina was always an unpredictable Disco Diva and a mystery in the world of show business. The cover for the single featured the picture of a bathroom with a mystery girl standing in front of the mirror, which helped stir up even a greater interest to the song and its performer. The vinyl did not contain the real name or picture of the singer, so her identity remained a mystery for many until her next release.

The Dutch girl's dreams came true, great success was awaiting her and changes were not far down the road. 25 years have gone since then, but the first few accords of the song are still easily recognised and met with great cheer from the fans!

Her name rocked not only the whole of Europe, but also the other side of the ocean.The first notes of everyone songs are learned and meet a roar of delight. Let time is relentless: we become more senior, but soul we are still young!!

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