Dear Friends!

Dear Friends,

I realize how truly blessed I am with my life and all the people that support me,
I couldn't do it without you!!!

Thanks from all my heart to my Manager, Tour manager who are constantly doing an amazing job at running the Business, to my Rapper & Dancers & for doing a great job on stage, Concert organizers, Producer, TV and Press, Designers, and all my dear Friends for their Love & everybody who is helping me on stage and off stage, behind the scenes, you are all important!

I am Blessed to have so many Fans all over the world, you touch my heart!!!
I am looking forward to see more of you, in cities all over the world in the future, to experience your energy, that would be wonderful.
I have been blessed with the great gift of music and you, all people in the world, who love my music make it possible for me to be on stage and sing my songs.
Thank you, from all my Heart for Your Eternal Support.
God Bless you!!!

A special Thanks to all my Fanclubs, for your positive feedback and your dedication,
your help is truly appreciated in keeping my music alive!You are the best!!! For Christmas i wil give you a special gift , its a new Dance mix from the song "Super Nature Power" from the forthcoming new Album.
Thank you so much to my brother Marco, who is so dedicated to my Music and who is doing a wonderful job at supporting me, always giving his very best!

I want to Thank from all my heart
My amazing Parents, for all their Loving support, who are my best friends and are always there for me,
without you I would not be here and would not be who I am.
You have given your life for me, with your Care and your LOVE.
Words cannot express my gratitude and LOVE for you both Mama and Papa, You are the best parents a child could have, you always believe in me and you inspire me to give from my heart.
Papa, you are the best, Thank you for the music, for everything you have done and are doing, you give your heart and always want the very best for me.
You made my music-career happen with your Love and Dedication for my music.
I am truly truly Blessed and I LOVE YOU with all my heart xxxxxxxxxx!

I wish you all a peaceful Christmas and a Happy new year.
May your dreams come true and all that you wish for:
Good Health, Prosperity and LOVE

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