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Caroline Catherine Muller, that is the real name of C.C.Catch, was born on July 31, 1964 in Holland in a small city of Osse. Caroline's parents were the citizens of the neighboring states. Her father Yurgen, a German, lived in Germany, and her mother Corry, the citizen of the Netherlands, lived in Holland together with her daughter.

Nobody knows if Caroline's childhood was typical for a disco singer, but surely it wasn't easy. The family was moving from one place to another: Osse, Geffen, Bunde. Classmates and friends were changing. Having finished primary school (in Holland you have to finish 6 classes, after which you can choose another school) Caroline entered a housekeeping school. They studied everything related to housekeeping. They dismantled vacuum cleaners, studied to cook and to wash. They also studied the profession of a salesman, for example the fact that the best things in a shop are placed on the right.

Before 14 Caroline saw her father very rarely. Her mother Corry was constantly trying to unite the family, and at last she achieved her aim: they moved to Bunde and the Mullers united. Caroline and her mother liked Germany. But Caroline's joy came to an end when she entered the 9th form of the General School in Germany where the teachers and pupils spoke German unknown to her.

After finishing school she started to study to become a designer (stylist), and worked at a garment factory. This turned out to be a real nightmare for her. The atmosphere was awful. Her boss was constantly shouting and straining everybody's nerves. Most of the employees had piece-work. Caroline was studying - she made buttonholes and sleeved. The director was standing above her with a stop-watch and saying: "Quicker, quicker!" The chief of their department set everybody against each other. Those, who didn't want to work overtime on Fridays, were oppressed. Overhours were not paid for, the workers even were not allowed to take days-off for them. The boss was never satisfied with her work. Thus, Carline's recollections about this period in her life are rather dark.

One evening she got acquainted with a music group in a small restaurant in Bunde. She was asked if she wanted to dance and if she could sing. Caro had already studied to dance secretly in her room for some time, just singing modern hits. But she couldn't even dare to sing and dance for the audience. Now Caro knew her future profession: a singer.

Caroline stared to make herself a carrier; she studied to play the guitar, to dance jazz dances in Bad-Oyenhausen and took part in all competitions held near the place where she lived. Her stage activities influenced her factory work badly. There was a scandal, and Caro fell ill. He had to take her decision. The Mullers got together and decided to support Caro's carrier as a pop singer. Caro's father gave up his profession of a grinder clinker, bought a business for 20000 marks and founded Orbita Agency to organize competitions of talented singers and to support his daughter's carrier. In half a year Caro left the hated job. Caro said later: "If I had had a better job I would have never left it." He stopped her studies and experienced a great number of false starts before she achieved success.

Caroline concentrated upon competitions of talented singers and attracted the interest of people who imagined themselves producers. She was offered to sign personal contracts with various record-labels. But in reality these so-called producers wanted to make a profit out of young and inexperienced Caroline.

One of them, for example, offered her a stage name - Carol Dean, promised a contract and disappeared. Caro's father calls them fools: "Many of them only boasted. But Caro had three ideal qualities: she could sing well, look great and move on the stage. I knew that one day a real producer would find her, that's why she had to go on working hard".

Caro didn't manage to reveal her potential in CAROL DEAN project, her songs "Queen of the Hearts" (Jess Newton) and "C'est la vie" (Emily Harris) didn't bring her success. But the door into the attractive but dangerous world of show business was already open. At that moment Caroline preferred female environment, the name of their new group was OPTIMAL (producer - Peter Kent).

The girls (Sabina, Claudia, Silvia, Caro) had known each other before as rivals at the competitions of talented singers, where each of them sang solo. The girl-band recorded two singles in Germany: "ER war magnnetisch" and "The goodbye", and went on a tour around Germany.

And the fortune smiled them. In 1985 OPTIMAL quartet was noticed by the producer and member of MODERN TALKING Dieter Bohlen at a competition of young singers. He immediately marked the "brilliant" vocal of one of the quartet participants, Caroline Muller. In spite of the fact that in 1985 MODERN TALKING was at the top of their success, Dieter managed to find time for a new project. The same evening Dieter invited the young singer to his studio, and in some time he offered her to sign a profitable contract. Caro agreed. In 1985 Bohlen became her producer; it was he who thought of the name for the new project. The new group was named C.C.Catch, i.e. the first two letters of her name and the word "Catch" as a synonym if the hit idea. Later the kings of rap and dance Captain Hollywood&T.T.Frech joined the group.

In summer 1985 on Caroline's birthday, they recorded the debut single of C.C.Catch: "I Can Lose My Heart Tonight". The song attacked the charts at once. From this moment the life of Caroline Catherine Muller, born in Holland, with Dieter Bohlen's label of C.C.Catch, changed for the best. But up to the next release her personality and her name remained unknown to the most part of the audience, as they could see neither her name, nor her photo.

At the beginning of 1986 they issued their second single "'cause you are young", and soon the whole Europe was charmed with the singer's light voice, resembling summer wind. The public curiosity was bated - on the cover there was a beautiful girl, and on the reverse side there was her name - Carolina Muller. The second song became even more popular than the first one, at that time in spring 1986 they issued their first album. All the songs were written by Dieter Bohlen, he also thought of the album name: CATCH THE CATCH (i.e. take the result). C.C.CATCH became her pseudonym, making Caroline with her unsurpassed voice the disco queen. On the disk cover there was her favourite black cat - Morty. Cats are her favourite pets. Her father said once: "If you want to please my daughter, give her a cat made of wood, glass, plastic; she collects them and has got a great number of them at home."

The debut album became a platinum one in Germany and a golden one in Spain. And this is in spite of the fact that there were only eight original songs, the seven of which were maxi versions.

My favourite song is "JUMP IN MY CAR". There is one mysterious story connected with this song.

On one album, issued in Germany there was a new name: CARO C. Was it another pseudonym? Whether it didn't settle down, or something else, but this fact did not influence her further carrier in any way, and I like the song very much. By the way, Caroline has got a driving license, and at the beginning of her carrier there were two accidents. The first happened when Caroline was driving from her studio to Essen with her father, the car skidded near Osnabrook, and drove into a tree. Their Peugeot was broken. Caro's father was so frightened that she had to take him out of the car herself because the car could blow up. The second accident happened on a country road when Caroline was returning from her friend in Bilefield. The road was covered with a newly-fallen snow, and at a turning the red Passat fell into a ditch, its wheels up.

In 1986 HANSA Record Company issued several singles: "Strangers By Night", "Heartbreak Hotel". In the same year Caroline was awarded the Disco Queen title, which on the one hand had grown a bit dim because of a great number of challengers, but on the other hand was awarded to the most outstanding singers. Christmas in 1986 was marked with the second album - "Welcome To The Heartbreak Hotel", and the disk broke all long play records, the title song reached the eighth position in Top 30 and occupied it for eight weeks. A new single "Heaven And Hell" came out. According to the results it was considered the best single which had ever been issued by a German Record Company. The song "Heaven And Hell" occupied the 1st position in German Top 10 for three weeks. Her hits were at the top of hit parades of Belgium, Spain, all Scandinavian and East European countries, and the popularity of Caroline in the Soviet Union could not be measured by any hit parades. But the Soviet press did not write much about her, one of the most progressive editions in the USSR wrote: "Hobbies - aerobics, dress-making. Favourite color - black. Prefers a coat with a yellow shirt worn outside light blue jeans and as her casual wear."

Her fans were awaiting the third single from the album - "Tears Won't Wash Away My Heartache". But the disk was not issued.

In summer 1987 an absolutely new C.C.Catch's song "Are You Man Enough?" occupied the first position in hit parades of all European broadcasting stations. Caroline explained its sense as follows: "It is about those guys who show off before girls and at the same time have nothing in their hearts."

The next single increased the number of fans greatly. Her "Soul Survivor" was number one in European charts. At that time Thomas Anders left "Modern Talking" and they supposed that Caroline Muller would take up Thomas' place.

She was often blamed that everything she did resembled MODERN TALKING much. Dieter's songs which he composed for Caro were melodious, but less romantic and lyrical. At last Dieter organized a new group - Blue System.

The drummer in BLUE SYSTEM was Caro's friend Frank Otto. Caro and Frank got acquainted at a TV program devoted to the exhibition called Radio-85. Frank was of the same age, he had just finished school, then he excellently completed the course of study and was qualified as a roofer, and at that moment he was a drummer in AQUAMARINE. Soon they started to live together, and before moving to Berlin Caro and her friend occupied a whole store in her parents' house in Resinghause.

The third studio album with the song "Soul Survivor" was named "Like A Hurricane". The cover was rather shocking - Caroline had a short haircut. To have it done Caroline and Frank went to Paris (in the morning they went there, in the evening they returned back). And the only beauty shop Caro confided in changing her image was CLEOPATRA. Her appearance also changed: rivets became a thing of the past, now Caro preferred slacks, and very long nails, like a stylish naughty cat, and her haircut became the model for all girls of the 1980s.

"Like A Hurricane" had a greater success, and in spring 1988 she went on a concert tour about Europe.

In May 1988 she issued the collection of her best songs "House Of Mystic Light", the single became a hit, and its dance version was included in "Diamond" collection, and in the song one could hear the recitative of a rapper Captain Hollywood. His real name is Tony Harrison, besides rap he was fond of dancing and staged dance shows for Paul Abdul and Kim Wild.

The styles of Blue System and Modern Talking were very much alike, and because of this Caro asked Dieter if she could write any songs herself. C.C.Catch wanted to get pleasure and embody her ideas in her songs. Bohlen answered briefly and clearly: "No!" As he was still Caro's producer the words and music were to be entirely controlled by him. At that moment Caro decided to break off her relations with Doter Bolen, and due to her friendly relations and international directors of BMG and Ariola, she issued her fourth album named "Big Fun".

In the end of 1988 she issued a new single "Backseat Of Your Cadillac", and the album "Big Fun" was the last one issued together with Diter Bolen. Her super hit "Nothing But A Headache" was the last in her carrier to be included into Top 10. In spite of all these Caro and Diter sometimes worked together till the end of 1989. All in all they recorded 12 singles and 5 albums.

In summer 1989 when Caro was visiting London, in Germany they issued her collection "Super 20". There was "Summer Kiss", a very good song, but it didn't become popular. And again her fans started to speak about worsening relations between Caro and Diter. The initiator of breaking off their relations was Caroline, who decided that at that moment she could do without his help. Having turned into a long-haired brunette, Caro started her negotiations with English producers. But the problems appeared where Caro didn't expect them to. Diter announced that as it had been him who had created the pseudonym C.C.Catch, he had all rights for it, and thus, Caroline had to use either her own name or another pseudonym. The court decided to allow her to use the name of C.C.Catch, but at the same time he was obliged to pay several millions dollars to her former producer.

During the New Year's show in Spain Caroline met Simon Papier Bell (the former manager of George Michael's band "Wham!"). Simon showed great interest in working with her, and since then he has been her manager. This time a contract with the Metronome company (Polygram) was signed. The singer moved to live in Britain. Being in London Caro recorded the song "Big Time", that was her first song that wasn't written by Bohlen. The song sounded quite different from what C.C. Catch had done before; it was the mixture of funk, soul and disco.

The new album "Hear What I Say" was recorded with new producers, among whom there were Andy Taylor (ex Duran-Duran), Dave Clayton (who worked with George Michael and U2) and JO Dwotniak. Caroline wrote seven of the songs. Two songs from this album, "Big Time" and "Midnight Hour", became popular, but they could not be compared with her old hits. Although the album got in the charts it took only the 26th place in Germany and was bought by her fans quite mechanically.

At the same time BMG released the single "Baby I Need Your Love" together with the compilation "Classics", which featured some old hits written by Bohlen. While C.C. Catch was promoting her next single "Midnight Hour" Dieter released "Good Guys Only Win In Movies"! It caused a certain confusion among the fans. All that could be called a boycott of C.C. Catch by BMG and Dieter Bohlen.

The new album's name can be interpreted like this: Caroline Muller wants everyone to understand that it is HER ALBUM, NOT BOHLEN'S. In the songs "I'm Gonna Miss You" and "Back-girl" C.C. Catch sings in a voice that is difficult to recognize. It sounds quite different, it sounds like she developed her own style.

In the early 1990s the situation about C.C. Catch stops being so tense, and for the first time in her life she visits the USSR.

In 1990 she performed at the Young Artists Festival "A Step To Parnassus" as a guest. While answering the reporters' questions at a press conference which was held at that time, C.C. CATCH said: "There have been lots of competitions in my life. When a young singer I took part in similar competitions and they were a great help to me. I learned how to pose on the stage, I got used to the audience. Without doubt, such festivals as your "Step To Parnassus" are a great help in finding new talents. They are very important".

Her visit to our country in 1991 was especially memorable. C.C. CATCH took part in shooting the program BRAVO-91 and in the festival action "Chernobyl's Children are Our Children". The Olympiisky Sports Complex gave its stage for the grand show, which took place on June 1 and 2. Over 100 singers from the USSR, Germany, England, Italy, Holland, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark gave their consent to participating in these concerts. Among those invited there were such stars as Bad Boys Blue, Blue System, Den Harrow. The organizers of the festival were her father Peter Muller (ORBIT-MUSIC) and Mikhail Chizhikov (Ekoniks); Mosbisnesbank was the sponsor.

" On arriving in the USSR I understood that there were many other problems here besides that of Chernobyl. But to my mind, the pain of Chernobyl is the most acute one. My aim of participating in these concerts is to once again make people remember those innocent people who suffered so terribly. I am glad that my participation in this act of charity has become an act of my help to sick children".

After releasing the sixth studio album Caro left Metron and the musical industry to have a time off. During that time off she focused on her spiritual development, wrote poems and took up drawing. After several years she began composing her own songs and went in for yoga and other kinds of meditation. In 1998 Caroline Muller got married to her teacher of meditation and yoga and after some time parted with him.

The year of 1998, and Caroline is again with us! She is coming back and that's great!!! Europe has begun to show interest in disco music again.

For a time C.C. CATCH recommenced her cooperation with Dieter Bohlen. She agreed to carry out a promotion project for BMG, a new compilation of "Best of 98". Two singles were released, "C.C. Catch Megamix 98" and "I Can Lose My Heart Tonight 98". After recording the new modern adaptations of the most famous hits in 1998 - harder beat and rap vocal were added - the vocalist Kenneth Lewis, known also as the rapper KRAYZEE, joined the group. It is his sprightly voice that we can hear in the new versions of her super hits. Caroline: "It is not a rapper's participation in recording at a studio but his presence on the stage, which makes a show more inflammatory.

KRAYZEE is a protege of Dieter Bohlen, a producer and soloist of Modern Talking. Kenneth once took part in one of Bohlen's projects, the Touche band; he sang together with them a cover version of disco music classics Y.M.C.A."

The threshold of the new century influenced Caroline Muller's artistic image, too. Now C.C. Catch is a blonde. Her eyes are still sparkling with green cat-like fires; you can't say she's become a little bit older, her figure is as perfect as before. Her movements on the stage have become even more plastic and energetic. Two dancers, Marco Weis and Mark Rohde who had joined her group, made her show more colourful, spectacular, impetuous - in short, it was a real euro disco. Marco Weis and Mark Rohde are aerobics coaches and took part in various fashion shows as dancers and stage managers more than once. Now the dancer Omega Aulime, a native of the State of Toga, took their place.

Having returned to the stage, Caroline began to take part in various shows again. Her joint tour with the bands Bad Boys Blue, Fancy and Silent Circle - the action was called "Hit Power Party Tour 2001 - all the stars from 80" - showed that C.C. Catch was still very popular with the German audience which was enraptured with her unforgettable voice and was looking forward to the release of her new album. The disco legends performed on the largest areas in almost all large cities in Germany. Caroline Muller and her musicians gave their come-back concerts in foreign countries, too, including cities and towns of the former USSR, such as Krasnoyarsk, Moscow, Vitebsk, Kiev, Arkhangelsk, Naryan Mara, Ekaterinburg, Pervouralsk, Chelyabinsk, St Petersburg, Sochi, Novosibirsk, Volgograd, Khanty Mansiisk, etc. Now in 2003 she is living in Germany again and has recorded her new Single "Shake Your Head 2003" with Savage Productions, who are Artists as well as producers and have produced acts such as Oli P, Noble Savages and Enie (who is famous as the ex-moderator of Bravo TV and now the face of German T-Online advertisements). The Single is a re-working . In 1983 Don Was invited Madonna herself to sing the main voice part, but he was not satisfied with the result, so a completely different version got into the album. Ozzy Osbourne was the leading singer in this version, while Madonna had to content herself with the back vocal. The song saw its other birthday in the early 90s. This time the singers were (together with Was Not Was band) Ozzy Osbourne and actress Kim Basinger. On sales result the single took 8th place and on playing on the radio - 4th place.

In 2004 C.C.Catch became one of 10 oldstars who took part in channel Pro 7 show in Germany, this was a great event for the singer and her fans. Stars like Chris Norman, Coolio, Markus, Haddaway and others also took part in the show. Caro sang new version of her super hit "Heartbreak hotel" and cover versions of MADONNA, Kylie Minoug and Jennifer Lopez hits!

Dieter Bohlen was going to release CD of remix "HEARTBREAK HOTEL", № 2176753/2AR But the disk was not issued.


SILENCE- discovers new aspects of her talent as a singer and a song writer. Carolina acted as a poetess and musician. Guitar - Carolina's favorite instrument - produced completely new sound and new rhythms. It was Carolina's wish to produce her own music. New CD was recorded with DANNY RECORDS sound label. Russian fans know this song as "WALK IN SILENCE". Carolina has already performed this song in some cities, everybody liked it very much; guitar player MARC RUTHERFORD helped Carolina. Initially the CD was planned to be released only in Russia, but it is released also in Europe, CD special edition for Russian will appear in spring 2005.

This song video was filmed in Saint-Petersburg, in Polovtsev palace on Kamenny Ostrov. The choice of Saint-Petersburg was not random. Carolina supposes it to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And her 40th anniversary, 31st of July 2004, she celebrated also in Petersburg.

Video recording was carried out in October, and this is not summer at all! The weather became colder at the days of video recording, and rooms in the palace were not heated. CC was suffering from cold in classical interiors of half-destroyed building - one of the monuments of tsar times' architecture. Video recording was directed by Alexander Igudin - one of the most innovative Russian clip makers.


The Peacemaker Award was established by the Peacemaker International Charitable Alliance, and is presented to those who do their best to help people. Helping the weak, feeding the hungry, giving alms to the pleading have been the unseen rules in Russia since the ancient times. Winners of the Peacemaker Award gain the status of the Citizens of the World. The Peacemaker Award is presented for contributing to world cultures' merging and development of friendly relations between countries. The motto of the Award as well as of the Alliance is Pax Tecum! (Peace Be with You!). Such celebrities as Michel Legrand, participants of the bands of Deep Purple, Nazareth, Uriah Heep, Smokie were honoured with the award. The Alliance is internationally supported by the American Association of Filmmakers and the USA Screen Actors Guild. In the events held in Russia in support of the Alliance such stars of the world cinematography as Michael Douglas, Johnny Depp, Adrian Paul, Michael Madsen, Michael York, Eric Roberts, Quentin Tarantino, and others take part.

It's been already more than 20 years that we know C.C. & love her songs! You can't but agree that this period is quite enough for us to listen to the singer "as she is " , without looking on new fashion directions in music. Her style is a rare combination of unforgettable melodies & professional performance. C.C. is a real " Queen of Disco" , & her songs are considered as the real classic of pop-music.

Carolina has a new program now, a new show with good dancers. She takes part in a charitable gala-concert "Spirit of the Sea", that takes place in the city concert hall in Dinslaken, Germany. Its purpose is to help kids-invalids. "I'm happy I can do at least something to help these children who are in trouble. I love kids cos they're our future. Life is precious only when you're able to give others all you can."


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