The Fall is gonna be so hot!!!

The Fall is gonna be so hot!!!

The Fall is gonna be so hot!!!

The Federal Association of German Discotheques and Dance Halls (BDT) has announced preparation for the 50th DJ dance bar (the prototype of the modern dance clubs) anniversary celebration.

The Anniversary gala-party attended by famous night club and disco club representatives, cultural workers, statesmen, numerous public figures and mass media will be held at the famous "Aura" dance club (Ibbenbueren, North Rhine-Westphalia) on monday 19 Oct. After the starting gala-show the last October weekend of this year (23-24 Oct) will get scheduled as the disco-parties fixed date by almost all the nightclubs and dance clubs in Germany.

The Fall is gonna be so hot!!!

The modern discotheque has its roots in 1959 year, when Franz-Karl Schwedinger the owner of the "Scotch Club" restaurant (Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia) made up his mind to modernize his business and called it Jockey-Tanzbar.

Franz aimed to enliven "the gramophone records lifeless music" with a kind of "animator", who was supposed not just to announce the songs and pieces, but to carry on a dialogue with the audience like disk-jockeys in musical broadcasts on the radio. Despite the USA is supposed to be a motherland of the discotheques for some reason, the first disco clubs were founded only 15 years later, approximately in 1973-1974. Probably the cinematograph (or more exactly Hollywood) played here a big role with its advertisement of the american version of the giant discotheques, where technical equipment and special effects are more important, than disk-jockey`s live conversations.

Jockey-Tanzbar gained international acceptance due to Aachen successful location on the border junction of the three states - Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Somehow, Germany celebrates the 50th discotheques anniversary in October and invites everybody to have fun. Those who loved dancing at the disco clubs in 1980s are going to be particularly glad. C C CATCH FANS, REJOICE!!! An official offer to release a new 12-track album (18 tracks were recorded in total) was made by Мейджер. The new album is to release in the early Fall. The hit of the new album is "Super Nature Power".

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